Wednesday, June 1, 2011


     I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! I unfortunately didn't get a three day weekend, but Ian and I did get to go to the Folklife Festival on Monday. Folklife is exactly how it sounds....folky. Which you can easily see from the pictures I posted. The festival has a ton of music that is from all over the world. We saw a lot of Irish/Scottish groups, and a really awesome group playing traditional Zimbabwe music. We had great (but bad for you) food, and saw lots of handmade crafts and clothing. The mixture of people was great. It's funny how a big event can draw people from all over the place. It makes for good people watching, which is of course one of the best parts about festivals.

I skipped my usual "Beautiful Monday" post, but I will be back at it next Monday. Until then, you can always check one of my older posts here. I took the day off of blogging, because I think bloggers deserve three day weekends as well! 

I am off to get gussied up for a date with my hubby. Until later!


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  1. oh how fun! I have always wanted to stop by folklife. definitely looks folky. ha! great photos!



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