Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What I wore on a Tuesday.

                                                        Jeans- H&M
                                                        Tank- Target
                                                        Cardigan- Stem (Nordstrom)
                                                        Scarf- Turkish pashmina (gift from my best friend)
                                                        Shoes- H&M  
So I am going to be trying my hardest to post outfit pictures more regularly. I somehow convinced Ian that I need him to start brushing up on his photographer skills. He was excited to use all of his photo editing software. I was excited to not have to somehow figure out how to use a tripod. These jeans are my favorite. They are super soft, and almost feel like leggings. Plus, I love that they are cropped, since I tend to roll up the bottoms of all my jeans. Also, this scarf is one of my most worn clothing items. My best friend brought back a few pashminas from her past trips to Turkey. I love them, They are great in the winter to keep you warm, but can also be worn in the summer because they are lightweight. I think they add a lot of interest to an otherwise simple outfit.

I have been so excited all day for Wednesday! Why, you ask? Wednesday is the day that my little brother Jake is here to visit. He is a pretty awesome kid, and I get to take a few days off to hang out with him. I'm hoping to get him to take some pictures while he is up here. He's pretty talented for only being 17. Check out his flicker....here.

Hope you guys like these outfit posts, they are a blast to make!



  1. can I just say I LOOOOVE pashmina scarves. favorite thing ever. those jeans are so cute on you! have fun with jake!!


  2. ah I was downtown today at nordstrom rack!! you shoulda double checked and said hi ;) was with another blogger, Julie from mintandmellow.blogspot.com!



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