Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Years Aspirations

I can honestly say I've probably never kept a New Years Resolution. I think they are kind of tough to upkeep! Rarely are they just simple goals that are positive things to work towards, they are extreme life changes. Lose weight, stop bad habits, etc. But with it being a new year, I really wanted to come up with a few goals for myself. Things to work towards, and things to help improve life as a whole.

Here is my list of New Years Aspirations:
1. Learn to stop beating myself up over silly things.
2. Show my husband how much I adore him everyday.
3. Set up my Etsy shop.
4. Take more pictures of everyday life.
5. Increase my knowledge and skill as a stylist.
6. Grow closer to my Savior, and to the people in my life.
7. Travel somewhere. ANYWHERE.

I am excited about my list! I'm going to save it so I can see where I'm at when it is almost 2012 (YIKES).

Do you guys make any resolutions?

See you later!

Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm back! (Hopefully for good!)

OK, I am finally ready to begin again in the world of blogging!

Over the past few weeks I have:
1. Found a new apartment.
2. Packed up the old one in only a week or so.
3. Moved to our new apartment in downtown Seattle. I'm in LOVE.
4. Unpacked and got settled in.
5. Went to quite a few Christmas parties.
6. Did some extremely last minute Christmas shopping.
7. Walked about 534596 miles. City life will do that to you.
8.Celebrated Christmas.

So here I am, staring out my window at the insane view we have (see below), and I am so excited to be back!

 Moving is such insanity. I don't enjoy it one bit. Yet, I've moved about 5-6 times in 4 years. You would think I'd learn my lesson, huh?

The year is almost over, and I find that so crazy. I know, I know, who doesn't? I just could not keep up with how fast the year went. Christmas was great. I'm blessed to have Ian's family to celebrate with. I have fun things planned for blogging over the next few weeks, and I cannot wait for what is to come.

Stay tuned for posts coming your way soon.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


I know, I know. Way to be lame and not update my blog in two weeks! But, I have a good reason. I promise.

On Wednesday, the hubs and I are moving to Seattle. We are excited beyond belief. And needless to say, packing is a pain in the rear. We found out we got the apartment last Monday, and have been going crazy trying to get ready to move. Funny how you realize how much stuff you have only when you are required to move it all! Our new place is AWESOME.  It is in the heart of Seattle, and we have an awesome view of the Space Needle. It's small, but hey, location makes up for that!

Anyways, I have big plans to be a much more regular blogger. I just have to get all ready to move, and then I will get on it. I'm also finally opening my etsy shop in January. I am so excited! I've been selling headbands at work, and people seem to like them.

New Years Resolution: Etsy shop and blogging success!

Be back soon!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving in pictures (Friday)

                                                 Baby Cali. She is darling!


                       And now, I would like to introduce a special selection of photos titled:
                                                 "The many faces of Miss Annie."

                             Is she not the cutest thing in the world? She is a blast to be around!
  Holidays can sometimes be hard for me. Not being with my side of the family is a bit sad at times. But I am SO blessed to have Ian's family around. I love them! We ate a ton of food (of course) and we have a ton to eat as leftovers.
  Hope everyone out there had a great time yesterday, and are enjoying the madness that is Black Friday!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snowed In (Tuesday)

The past few days have been pretty wild. We got a ton of snow! I think there was only about an inch of snow predicted at first, but I think we got at least five inches! Here are some pictures of what it looked like yesterday morning.


     There is something kind of magical about the snow! It makes your surroundings almost unrecognizable. Like you are on vacation somewhere! I was in love with it, until about 3:30pm today. I have been in my apartment for two days, and I am DYING to get out. I may be heading to the grocery store, and I think it will be amazing. Our electric bill is probably going to be through the roof, I've had the heat turned all the way up for two days! But, I think it's allowed when it is about 25 degrees outside.

     Sure, a few lazy days can be awesome. But after two days, and work being closed, I am pretty ready to go outside.

     I did get a LOT of things done though, including a ton of knitted things, which will be on my etsy shop soon! I will share the link as soon as they are available.

 Now I am off to enjoy the evening with my husband, and going on a thrilling grocery store outing.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Cold. (Friday)

It is getting so cold here in Seattle. I am kind of loving it, except for Friday nights that I spend alone(while my hubby is spending time with a friend), trying to
keep warm but my feet are still freezing! But, cold means Christmas is coming! Yay!

I am really inspired by knitting lately. I have plans for a etsy shop in the near future,
and have already sold some things to my co-workers. 

Here's an example of a cute headband I am working on for a coworker!
It's a little blurry though, I apologize.

I feel like this knitting deal is exactly what I needed right now.
I love it, and it just feels right to be doing it!

In other news, my hubby is browsing downtown Seattle tomorrow for
an amazing apartment for us to live in. I know he will find something wonderful, I can feel it.

I've also decided to give myself a challenge. I have to update my blog at least 3 times a week.
I really can do it, but I always forget!

Yarn,  toasty blankets, and headband love,

P.S. Interested in a knitted headband of some sort? Send me an email! Krosetomlinson@gmail.com

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Knit-tastic (Thursday)

The past few days have been relaxing. I've done pretty much nothing except for knit, and watch a bit of tv. I am knitting like a maniac! There is just something about this time of year that inspires me to make all sorts of knitted things.

  Ian captured a picture of me in a freshly knitted hat!
     (Excuse the small stain on my jacket.)
     My blog is so beautiful! I really am in love with it. Miss Stephanie, who's blog is here, designed it for me. I am eternally grateful, as my blogging skills are slim to none. Her blog is awesome, she loves life, and is full of inspiration! Check it out!

I will have a lot more free time in the next month or so, and hopefully that means more blogging!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Witnessing a Miracle (Thursday)

I spent last night in the hospital with my beautiful sister-in-law. She was in labor, and gave birth to my niece, and her second daughter, Cali Grace. I was SO happy that she allowed me to be in the room. I have never witnessed a birth before, and it was incredible.

I can't describe how beautiful it is to welcome a brand new little person into the world. It's shocking how she just seemed to appear into the world all of a sudden. God truly has given women an amazing ability when it comes to having babies.

So, I ran on about 2-3 hours of sleep all day, but it was worth it.

 Doesn't this little face make your heart just melt? I am in love.

And now, I must makeup for the hours of sleep I willingly gave up last night :).

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween and other scary things. (Monday)

Halloween was a ton of fun this year. I love getting to dress up, and that I have a job that let's me do so. All the gals at work decided to be dolls. That is me and Miss Becky. She is probably the greatest receptionist any stylist could ask for. Not to mention a great friend :). 
Yesterday, I decided to go for a scarier version of my costume...and turned into this!
Sadly, no white makeup was used on my skin, I really am that pale! It's the lack of any sunshine, I tell you!

Here are a few pictures from the night with my hubby and brother-in-love. Which is a fancy way of saying brother-in-law of course.
                                           Ryan was Tobias from Arrested Development. If you don't know who or what that is, you should find out. It's hilarious.
                                       This picture is scary. What's up with the glowing eyes in the background?
                         My "All-American" husband and I. Literally, that was the title of his costume! Haha!

I love that it is November. Today I went into Starbucks, and was so excited to see all the holiday drinks. Reminded me of how soon Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years is. I am a bit sad that I cannot see my family who live in California this year, but I am so very thankful for the family and friends that are right here in Washington.

And now, I must go to sleep. I will regret it in the morning if I do not!

Lots of love,


Friday, October 22, 2010

I need a vacation. (Friday)

I have been dreaming about vacationing all day long. I honestly don't remember the last time I have craved a week off in some other part of the world. I even attempted to plan how to save money to afford such a trip. But, sadly, it is not in my near future. So, I resulted back to just dreaming. I even looked at pictures from my honeymoon so I could remember what my last vacation was like. All I want is to sit on a warm and sunny beach somewhere. Living in Washington sure makes me miss the beaches in California. One day I will get to go somewhere. Anywhere. I love to travel, yet have little time to do so. So for now, I will enjoy this picture from my honeymoon, (A year and a half ago) and dream of warm sand, sunshine, margaritas, and swim suits.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A day of rest (Wednesday)

Today, I had to make an official decision to rest. Sad, isn't it? That I have to force myself to take a bit of a break? I told myself, "It's OK to skip class. No one will know."

A day off for me involves time to clean, catch up on a bit of homework, and a coffee date with my honey. I also like to be domestic on my days off, and decided to whipped up some of these....

                                          Amazingly delicious caramel spice drops. They are awesome in coffee, and I bet           would be good in other hot drinks! I got the recipe from abeautifulmess.typepad.com, (an awesome blog by the way) and they are super easy to make! I made about a hundred of them, (crazy, right?) and can't wait to give some away to family and friends.

Today is also a day I got to share with Ian. Well, if sharing means he plays video games while I cook and clean, then yes, we shared. We don't have many days off together, so it has been wonderful. I love being home during the day with him. I get lonely sometimes having the apartment to myself, I am pretty boring company.

The only bad part of my day, is the fact that I spent an awful lot of it doing this...

I literally despise Macroeconomics. I can usually learn a lot just by reading a textbook, but when I read my econ book I feel as if I have NO idea what is going on. It is all math and graphs and analytical thinking. But, I have a good grade in the class, so I should stop ranting. Still, there are so many things I'd rather be doing!  

Tonight I am going to step away from the computer, my homework, and just drink some tea and read. Because as important as being productive is, sanity is also quite necessary. 

Love and Caramel Spice Drops,

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Red. (Wednesday)

The past few years, I have had this odd obsession with red hair. Not only on myself, but I secretly wish I could color every client's hair a shade of red. I'm not even sure what it is, I just LOVE it! I always hope that it will magically start growing out of my head that color. A girl can dream, right? Every time I think "I am so tired of the red!" and I add more blonde, I miss it tremendously.

Red makes me feel a bit snazzy, and like I am dressed up even when I am not. Sure, I may turn every pillowcase a shade of pink, but it is SO worth it. I just feel like I am me again when I have red hair. Sounds so cheesy, right? But it is true. My favorite part about having bright hair is the looks from people. Sometimes good, and sometimes the "she looks crazy" kind. I once had this sweet old man ask me at the library if my hair was naturally this color. I secretly wanted to say yes, since he was very open to the fact that this truly could be my natural hair. But, I said no. :)

More blog posts to come!

P.S.I think I may actually update multiple times today. There are just a bunch of fun things to talk about!

Monday, October 4, 2010

October 4th (Monday)

Ok, so I had a lot of determination to post at least a few times a week on my blog, and sadly I have failed already. But with good reason! School started two weeks ago, and for some reason it has been really hard for me to find a balance between school, work, being a high school youth group leader etc... But this is a fresh start at posting a lot more frequently.

Today, this post is dedicated to a beautiful young lady...

This is my super cute little sister, Madison. Or, Maddie as most people call her. Today is her 14th birthday, and I cannot believe it! She is growing up to be such an amazing girl, and I love seeing her grow. I remember when she was born, I was nine (I think). I was SO thrilled to have a sister. Not that I don't love my brothers, but there is something about a sister that is just the best. She was born with amazing red Shirley Temple ringlets, which I am jealous of to this day. Hence why I always color my hair red. It's funny to see her grow up into a teenager. We sound almost identical when we speak, which cracks me up, and confuses my mother. We are just about the same height, and can wear the same shoes. Good thing she lives a few states away, or I  would steal all of them from her.

Things I love about her:

-She is a total goofball, and loves to laugh.

-She has such a kind heart, and always looks for the good in others.

-She is on the tennis team at her school, and is way more athletic than I could ever dream of being.

Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADISON. I love you, and hope that your 14th year of life is absolutely a good one.

                                                       (I told you she was a cute kid!)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Overwhelmed. (Monday)

The past few days I have felt as if I have a ton of things to do. I sit down on the couch, and instantly rack my brain for a list of things to get done. Even if I have completed everything, the feeling is still there. It's kind of frustrating. This time of year gets really busy, I have to almost force myself to sit down and relax a little bit. Why is that? I admire my husband. He is so good at taking time for himself and to unwind. He never feels guilty for playing video games for a bit, or sitting on his computer. I always think about trying to embrace that in my own life.

I came across this verse today:
                                           "Rest in the Lord, and wait for Him patiently." Psalm 37:7.

 I need to lean more than how to just rest, but to rest in the Lord. If I do that, my busy life will be maintainable. God is there to give us comfort and rest on a daily basis. And as for me, I need to learn just to let Him.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall is here. (Thursday)

Fall is really one of my favorite times of year. Today on my way to work, I saw a few trees with some yellow and orange leaves.  In Seattle, Fall means gloomy skies and rain. But as of right now, I am OK with that. Here are a few things I LOVE about fall:

                      As much as I complain and complain about the dark days here in Washington, I love them this time of year. I love the lighting that it gives. It makes everything feel calm. It is that perfect nap taking kind of day, where a good book and a cup of tea is all you need.

I love all things pumpkin, except I don't like pumpkin pie. I like the color of pumpkins. Odd, I know! I want to buy a ton of pumpkin scented candles and have them lit all day long. Pumpkin spice lattes are also delicious. I think Starbucks seasonal drinks are what makes it "feel" like a season.
 (My pumpkin colored purse!)

I start school next week. I am actual really excited about it. I love college, and really enjoy getting to take classes. (Thanks mom and dad for being so generous.) I am studying to be a high school English/Drama Teacher. I have probably changed my mind on what I want to do a million times, but I think this is it. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being a hairstylist. But having a college degree means a lot to me. Besides, who says you can't have two careers?

The next few months are pretty exciting. I am small group leader at my church's youth group. It is so fun to be apart of something so meaningful. Work is busy this time of year. Full of people wanting to change their hair for the new season. My husband and I get to move out of our apartment in a few months, so apartment/house hunting will soon commence. I love change, and really feel like this is the time of year to do it! This was an extremely long post, goodness gracious. 

One last thing...
My husband bought me these flowers this week.  Not only are they beautiful, but they smell SO GOOD. The second I walk into my apartment I can smell them. It is wonderful.

I was also informed they were the most expensive bouquet at the store. What a lucky lady I am. Until next time....


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lazy Wednesday

Today, I learned a few things.

 Spending an extra hour or two in bed next to my sleepy husband is ok.

 It is ok to go out to lunch and eat way too many carbs, and not worry about burning off the calories at the gym.

Giggling with my husband while playing  video games and drinking hot chocolate (with way too many marshmallows), is absolutely ok.

Today, I said goodbye to productivity, and hello to a calm, perfect, and wonderful lazy day.

Monday, September 6, 2010


My name is Kelsey.

This is my very first blog, and I am excited to share my thoughts with the world. I am a new wife, a hairstylist, a student, and a self-diagnosed beauty addict. This is going to be a place where I share things about my life, and what makes it a great one to live. I want to share my passion for all things beautiful, and all the pretty little things that inspire me. I hope to be regularly updating at least 4-5 times a week (fingers-crossed). I hope to meet new people through this blog, and can't wait to get started! More soon...