Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lip love.

Hello, friends!
So today I decided to share a video that is all about one of my favorite things:
I'm a huge lipstick fan, and I decided to share my little obsession with you guys. You know, just in case there are other lipstick obsessed ladies out there.

I apologize for the lighting, I know it's hard to see the colors. But hey, I'm still learning how to do this whole video deal. So please bear with me until I work out the kinks :).

Anyways, hope you enjoy! If you have any favorite lipsticks that you think I'd like, then please don't hesitate to share! Because yes, I do need to add more lipstick to my already obscene amount. It's a sick addiction. 


Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The easy peasy up-do!

Hello, lovelies! 
Today I'm sharing with you one of my favorite looks to wear right now. It's a bit of a retro inspired up-do that is very easy to do and looks amazing! I love hairstyles that are quick to do, but look polished and put together. This is great for a special event, but also works as an everyday look.

Here's what you'll need (I mention these things in the video as well):
-Curling Iron or Flat Iron
-Hair serum/oil (optional)

Hope you guys enjoyed that. Let me know if you try out the look!

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, March 19, 2012


Top-Forever 21/Sweater and Jeans-H&M/Shoes-Steve Madden/Clutch-Target

I am really loving mint green at the moment (hint: the color of my clutch). Correction, I am completely obsessed with it. I'm pretty sure I've purchased three different nail polishes in this color in the past few weeks. I'll admit, that is a bit ridiculous. But it's a big color for spring, so I just consider that being well prepared. 

I'm also obsessed with these oxfords that I just picked up recently. They have the perfect amount of a heel to kind of balance out the masculine look to them. I found them on clearance and figured I probably needed them ASAP. I hope that the fact that they were on clearance doesn't mean it's because they're going out of style, because I'm going to be rocking them for quite some time. 

By the way, thanks for all the sweet responses to my video post last week. I'm excited to make a few more of them!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

5 things I love.

Hi, friends!
Today I decided to share a few random things that I love right now. Sometimes I get really excited about silly things, and just have to share them!

1. The Hunger Games.

                                                                     Source: d30opm7hsgivgh.cloudfront.net via Katrina on Pinterest

OK, I know pretty much everyone is obsessed with The Hunger Games right now. But I just can't help it! I read the books for the first time about a year ago, and instantly fell in love (with Peeta, of course). And lately I probably have watched the movie trailer enough times to have it pretty much memorized. Total obsession, I know. My poor husband has to deal with me literally squealing every time one of the previews come on. I can't help it! I. Am. In. Love.

2. My city

Ever since I moved to Seattle, I've absolutely loved living here. But for some reason the past few weeks I've just been reminded of how much I love it! There's nothing like a gorgeous and sunny drive back into the city. There are certain things I miss about living in a more suburban area, like free parking and less noise, but all in all I love Seattle with all of my heart.

3. The Maze Runner series

                                                                             Source: Uploaded by user via Kelsey on Pinterest

This is another book series that I have become slightly obsessed with. I'm currently on the second book, and I'm loving it so far. The story is  about a boy named Thomas who has no memories of his life, and has to figure out who he is and why he was sent to a world surrounded by a maze. That's an awful explanation, but I don't want to give anything away! It's really intense and a bit scary at times, but that's what makes it so awesome.

4. Glitter nails!

I've always been a bit of a nail polish junkie, but lately I just can't get enough of glitter nail polishes! Every time I'm in a store I swear I can see the sparkles from the other side of the room. Does one person really need ten different colors of glitter polish? Nope. But glitter does add a bit of fun to any nail polish color, and I tend to get a lot of compliments on my nails when I wear it!

5. Birthday present!

OK, I think it's been stated a million times that I LOVE Ariel. So much so, that my hubby bought me this awesome cameo pin of her for my birthday.
 I've been wearing it the past few days, and love it. It's kind of a grown up way of letting people know how much I love The Little Mermaid. I can't have everyone thinking I'm a crazed red-headed Ariel fanatic. This is more subtle way of showing my love. :).

Those are some of my favorite things at the moment. Two books, Seattle, Glitter, and Ariel. As random as they come, I'd say :).
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Hey, friends!
So today is kind of a big deal here on my little blog. 
I made my first ever vlog! I'll admit, I was a bit nervous about making a video. The whole talking into a camera was a bit awkward, but I actually really enjoyed making it.
Hope you enjoy the whole world of video blogging, I hope to have some on here regularly!


Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Top and Skirt-H&M/Flats-Target

1. I have a bit of writer's block tonight, so all I have are some random facts for you to read. 
2. The past two days I have been able to wear sunglasses. As a California girl, this is a big deal.
3. The color of this skirt is one of my favorites at the moment. Reminds me of the Blue Man Group, as well as Violet from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
4. I just watched this, and now I can hardly contain my excitement for the movie!
5. I have been loving this song. I've listened to it at least 10 times in the past few days. It's insanely beautiful.

Happy Thursday, everyone! 
(I promise I'll actually have something more to write about next time.)


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hairspiration: Braids

This month's hairspiration is all about braids! I've always loved braids, and think they kind of work for just about anyone. They can be simple and classic, and they can also be romantic and a bit whimsical. And of course there is always the"tough girl" braid (Katniss Everdeen, anyone?). Braids have kind of made a comeback over the past few years. Look at almost any red carpet event in the past few years and you'll notice a lot of gorgeous braids being worn.

Here are some of my favorite braided hairstyles that I've found over the past few months. I'm just dreaming of the day when my hair will be long enough to try some of them out!

                                                     Source: notesondesign.tumblr.com via Kelsey on Pinterest

                                                                  Source: readymade.com via Kelsey on Pinterest

                                                  Source: yoitszozo.tumblr.com via Kelsey on Pinterest
                                                  Source: theemptyapartment.tumblr.com via Kelsey on Pinterest

                                                     Source: hautegeek.tumblr.com via Kelsey on Pinterest

Braids are just so fun, right?  Some of them are a bit hard to master on your own hair, but practice makes perfect!

Hope you enjoyed this month's Hairspiration! I really love doing these posts, and have so many ideas for the months to come!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 5, 2012


Dress-Forever 21/Shoes-Target/Bag-Urban Outfitters/Necklace-Delia's.

Have you noticed a trend in these past few weeks of my outfit posts? (hintanimals)  Last week's outfit included birds, and this week it's elephants. I saw this dress and just had to have it purely because there are elephants all over it. I'm not a huge elephant fan in general, but I sure love them on a dress! Is my interest in animal prints a bit odd? Probably. But hey, I do get to have a lot of  random conversations with people because of it. 
SO worth it.

Also, can we talk about these shoes for a minute?  I've been wearing them nonstop. Like to the point that I almost am thinking I need a back up pair for when they wear out. I've never owned nude flats before, and now they're my favorite ones to wear. It's a bit of a refreshing change from the usual black ones I wear. 

I really have been a terrible blogger lately. But I already have a few posts planned for the week, so let's hope my bad blogging streak will end shortly!

Happy Monday!