Monday, June 6, 2011


Hello my lovely readers! I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. I know I did! 

Here is my product review of the week...

     I have always been against tanning. I put sunscreen on my face everyday, and usually on any body part that will be out in the sun. We all know the benefits of protecting our skin from the sun, but there is something about that hint of color that I think most of us like during the summer.Now, I've tried a million self-tanners. Cheap ones, expensive ones, orange ones, sparkly ones, etc. There has always been some sort of problem with the way they worked that I don't like. Usually it's that streaky "just made myself orange" look, or they smell like chemicals. So after research, blood, sweat, and tears, I have found one that I LOVE. 

 St. Tropez's bronzing mousse.

      Seriously, this stuff is incredible. Now, it is on the pricier side, I think about $30? But if it's either that or using some stuff that turns you orange, I'm willing to fork over the cash. This product is also a bit weird to get used to. It's a mousse, and almost looks and feels like something you would put in your hair, except it's dark brown. The application takes a bit of patience, but it is not necessarily difficult. I am not the best person to ask on application directions, but you can find directions on the bottle and on their website. I think there is even a video on how to do it. All I will say is when you first apply the product, you look like a mud wrestler. No joke. It freaked me out for a minute! But after leaving it on for at least four hours, you take a quick rinse in the shower, and viola! Beautiful bronzed skin. No streaks, no stinky smell, and absolutely no orange. Best of all, it does not make me look overly tanned. I like being pale (most of the time) and I really don't want to look like I was baking outside all day long. The color lasts about a week on me before it starts to fade, and it doesn't look to shabby when fading, either.  

     One word of warning: Use gloves. Not only does it save product because it is not soaking into your hands, but it keeps your hands from looking really dark.

     So if you are like me, and you want a beautiful glow without looking like you got in a fight with a spray tan machine, try out this product! 

Love and pretend sun-kissed skin, 

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  1. I have heard about this stuff! But, I don't mind being white. :) Rachael


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