Sunday, June 26, 2011


Dress- Forever 21
Sweater- Don't remember...
Shoes-Urban Outfitters

I've been wearing dresses nonstop the past few days. Since it's still not quite summer weather, I feel like I can easily throw a jacket or sweater over a dress so it's not too chilly. Plus, I'm having a pants crisis. I have a ton of pants, and none of them fit. Tough, right? Until I can fix the weather, and my pants crisis, pretty dresses and sweaters will have to do. 

I'm off to meet up with a fellow blogger at the Fremont Market. Hope you all have a beautiful sunny Sunday!


  1. I found your lovely blog through your 1300 things post with the quiet life of violet's blog and i am so glad. :) You seem so sweet and lovely and your hair is to die for!! I am longing to be a red head. :)

  2. I love your hair. Do you know the color it is called and who makes it?

  3. @shelby Thank you! I am so glad to meet new people.

    @rosie I use a few different ones. But my current favorite is Rusks. The color is 6.66. Hope that helps :).

  4. boo I'm so bummed this didn't happen! at least you look totally ADORABLE here, I can't wait to reschedule our Fremont date!!!!!!!!!!



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