Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy 2012! I hope you guys had a wonderful New Year's Eve, and that you were surrounded by loved ones. 
I spent it with my hubby and another couple, and enjoyed every second of it. We went out for a nice dinner, and then watched the fireworks from Kerry park. It's one of the best places to go for a good view of Seattle!

I really love New Year's resolutions. I can't say that I completely follow through on all of them, but I absolutely love making goals for myself. I figured with a long list of goals, I'm bound to at least accomplish a few of them!
So, here are my goals for the new year.

1. Get on a regular blogging schedule.
2. Create a fun and creative workout routine, and stick to it!
3. Improve my guitar playing skills.
4. Start selling some of my handmade goods.
5. Give more of myself to others.
6. Keep a journal of things that I'm inspired by.
7. Try to always be kind and loving to those around me.
8. Grow my hair out past my shoulders.
9. Rent a house.
10. Travel to at least three places. 

So my goals are not that crazy, but I definitely think they are great ones. Hopefully I can complete at least a few of them. 
Do you have any goals for the new year? If so, please share them. I'd love to know.

 (That's me and my adorable friend Jackie. We were ALL about the sequins and sparkles.)

Happy Monday!


  1. I'm going to donate my hair to Locks of Love, you should do it with me!

  2. Your goals are great! And totally doable! That's the way to be successful :)


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