Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Current favorite: Perfume.

I don't know about you guys, but I am a huge perfume fan. I wear it pretty much everyday, and it's the last thing I do as a part of my morning routine. I always feel extra pretty and feminine when I know I smell nice. I usually rotate about three or four perfumes, but lately I've been only wanting to wear this one...

                                                                      Source: sephora.com via Crystal on Pinterest

            Michael by Michael Kors. My mom gave me this perfume for Christmas, and I've worn it almost every single day. Now, I'm no expert in describing scents, but I'll try. This has a very floral scent to it, but it's not a sickening grandma floral perfume that can give some people a headache. The notes that I know are in it are tuberose, freesia, and musk. It's very feminine, but has enough musk and spice to it to make it a strong and sexy scent. I get compliments a lot of the time when I wear it, which always makes me feel like it is not too strong that it overwhelms others. No one likes to be the girl who's perfume can be picked up a mile away! Anyways, I love everything about it. From the packaging to the lasting power, Michael Kors sure knows how to make a bottle of perfume. 

What are some of your favorite scents? I'd love to try a few new ones.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Absolute have to have "I love love" and my cheap fav "sexy little things: noir" from victoria's secret.

    1. That's one of my favorites as well! I need the actual perfume version though. I only have the body lotion/spray!


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