Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snow day

Coat and scarf-H&M/Dress-Forever 21/Boots-BCBGeneration/Necklace-gift/Belt-H&M

    Today was the first snow day of the year. Now, a snow day in Seattle usually means just a few sprinkles here and there, but it still counts. We sure know how to overreact to snow, let me tell you. Half and inch of that darn white stuff and the whole city is in panic mode. It's pretty funny. We decided to take advantage of our snow day and spent it inside watching some shows and eating lunch. I seem to have come down with a bit of laryngitis, so it was nice to relax and try to avoid talking too much. (I think I was unsuccessful at not talking, unfortunately).
    It was actually really fun taking these pictures in the snow, despite the fact that I was pretty chilly. I just love this little dress so much that I couldn't skip taking pictures of it. And when you look at the picture below, you can tell I didn't mind the snow one bit! Warning: majorly cheesy photograph alert. 

It's suppose to snow for the next few days, so you may be getting some outfit pictures of me in a snowsuit :).

Happy Sunday!


  1. You look lovely in that dress! We haven't gotten any snow down where I live yet and it surprising!


  2. I love that dress! I've been obsessed with fun prints lately! It's always fun when Washington gets snow! I hope this isn't the last snow of this winter!


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