Friday, January 13, 2012

Hair: Current favorites

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite hair products! Some of these have been long time favorites of mine, and others are either new or recently rediscovered. Since I work as a stylist, I'm constantly trying what's out there so that I am able to recommend things to other people. I can't recommend anything unless I've tried it myself! Actually, I just tell myself to justify my product hoarding.

 Here are my current favorites:
(In order from left to right)

1. Aquage Sea Salt Texturizing Spray- This stuff is a holy grail product of mine. I started using it about four years ago, and haven't been without it since. This spray gives you that awesome "dirty" feel to your hair, almost like you skipped a day of washing it, and then went swimming in the ocean. I don't know about you, but I hate when my hair is too clean. It needs a bit of dirt for it to actually style how I want it to. I love using this product especially when I wear my hair naturally wavy. It gives my hair separation and definition without a heavy residue or stickiness. It has a beautiful matte finish, and works great with all hair types. I tend to use it when my hair is wet, but it works on wet and dry hair.

2. Bumble and Bumble Tonic Lotion- This is what you'd consider a "prep" product. It has tea tree oil in it so it soothes your scalp, and also is a great detangler. I suffer from a really dry scalp in the winter, and this makes it feel wonderful and protects it from the cold and impact of the environment. It also can be used as a light styling spray. It can gently tame  ]and protect your hair while blow drying and styling, but will not have much hold or memory to it. I've found that it also works as a great as a refresher for slept on hair!

3. Bumble and Bumble Does it All Styling Spray- I am SO in love with this stuff. It really stands true to its name. You can apply it before using a flat iron or curling iron to help control and hold a style without a lot of stickiness. It also is amazing for teasing your hair, but is not too strong so you can easily brush it out. It has almost no feel to it, and can be used to build up structure and hold in your hair. You can layer it on itself to increase it's hold, but your hair will remain soft and pliable. It's not a hairspray in that it's not meant to have a stiff feel or aquanet-type hold to it. Think of it as an extra boost to whatever style you're trying to achieve. I use it before any heat is used on my hair, even when it's still wet!

4+5: KMS Touch-up spray and Makeover Spray. In laymen's terms, this is a dry shampoo and conditioner. The makeover spray is what you would use on the roots of your hair to absorb oil, and build volume. If shaken well, it doesn't give your hair too much of a strong white cast to it. It will tint darker hair if it's not brushed thoroughly, but nothing long lasting. It has a pleasant smell, and cleans without a heavy residue. The touch-up spray is basically the same idea, but for the ends of your hair. Since my hair is curly, the ends tend to be a bit on the dry side. This refreshes the ends with a light damp spray, and allows you to restyle and tame your hair. This works especially well on hair that was slept on and looks a bit wild.  These products pair very well together, and allow me to skip a few extra days of washing my hair!

I hope you guys love discovering new hair products as much as I love talking about them! I really feel like things this good need to be shared with the masses, and it's nice to share my obsessions with other beauty fanatics.

Happy Friday!

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