Sunday, January 8, 2012


 I just love the little squiggly stripes on this sweater. I love stripes in general, but when they have a bit of a quirk to them, I love them even more! This little pullover is becoming one of my favorite things to throw on for a comfy day. 

Sweater-Forever 21/Jeans-H&M/Necklace-Delia's/Boots-Target

 Saturday nights are usually a day that we go out to eat with a few friends. Instead of going out last night, we stayed in and made pizza and ice cream sundaes. Everything was fine and dandy until we started playing Phase 10. If you've ever played the game then you know it has the ability to make enemies out of friends, and can cause a lot of tears and yelling. There really were no tears (maybe one or two), and just a few yells here and there. But man, that game is intense! I forgot how much I love playing card/board games. Who says the only way to have fun is to go out on the town? Give me homemade pizza and a riotous card game anytime :).

Happy Sunday!


  1. man oh man girl you are SO CUTE! I love this outfit, your rolled jeans are beyond perfection. sounds like so much fun! :)


  2. Hey there - stumbled across your blog - you're adorable! I'm sure you hear this all the time, but your hair is awesome! Making me want to cut mine short. Love your sense of style... very similar to mine. Great minds think alike!



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