Saturday, December 11, 2010


I know, I know. Way to be lame and not update my blog in two weeks! But, I have a good reason. I promise.

On Wednesday, the hubs and I are moving to Seattle. We are excited beyond belief. And needless to say, packing is a pain in the rear. We found out we got the apartment last Monday, and have been going crazy trying to get ready to move. Funny how you realize how much stuff you have only when you are required to move it all! Our new place is AWESOME.  It is in the heart of Seattle, and we have an awesome view of the Space Needle. It's small, but hey, location makes up for that!

Anyways, I have big plans to be a much more regular blogger. I just have to get all ready to move, and then I will get on it. I'm also finally opening my etsy shop in January. I am so excited! I've been selling headbands at work, and people seem to like them.

New Years Resolution: Etsy shop and blogging success!

Be back soon!

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