Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Years Aspirations

I can honestly say I've probably never kept a New Years Resolution. I think they are kind of tough to upkeep! Rarely are they just simple goals that are positive things to work towards, they are extreme life changes. Lose weight, stop bad habits, etc. But with it being a new year, I really wanted to come up with a few goals for myself. Things to work towards, and things to help improve life as a whole.

Here is my list of New Years Aspirations:
1. Learn to stop beating myself up over silly things.
2. Show my husband how much I adore him everyday.
3. Set up my Etsy shop.
4. Take more pictures of everyday life.
5. Increase my knowledge and skill as a stylist.
6. Grow closer to my Savior, and to the people in my life.
7. Travel somewhere. ANYWHERE.

I am excited about my list! I'm going to save it so I can see where I'm at when it is almost 2012 (YIKES).

Do you guys make any resolutions?

See you later!

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