Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Red. (Wednesday)

The past few years, I have had this odd obsession with red hair. Not only on myself, but I secretly wish I could color every client's hair a shade of red. I'm not even sure what it is, I just LOVE it! I always hope that it will magically start growing out of my head that color. A girl can dream, right? Every time I think "I am so tired of the red!" and I add more blonde, I miss it tremendously.

Red makes me feel a bit snazzy, and like I am dressed up even when I am not. Sure, I may turn every pillowcase a shade of pink, but it is SO worth it. I just feel like I am me again when I have red hair. Sounds so cheesy, right? But it is true. My favorite part about having bright hair is the looks from people. Sometimes good, and sometimes the "she looks crazy" kind. I once had this sweet old man ask me at the library if my hair was naturally this color. I secretly wanted to say yes, since he was very open to the fact that this truly could be my natural hair. But, I said no. :)

More blog posts to come!

P.S.I think I may actually update multiple times today. There are just a bunch of fun things to talk about!


  1. I miiiiiis my red hair.

    Once I make and have this baby, I will again join the ranks of redheaded women!

  2. I hope this baby makes their debut soon!!


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