Monday, September 20, 2010

Overwhelmed. (Monday)

The past few days I have felt as if I have a ton of things to do. I sit down on the couch, and instantly rack my brain for a list of things to get done. Even if I have completed everything, the feeling is still there. It's kind of frustrating. This time of year gets really busy, I have to almost force myself to sit down and relax a little bit. Why is that? I admire my husband. He is so good at taking time for himself and to unwind. He never feels guilty for playing video games for a bit, or sitting on his computer. I always think about trying to embrace that in my own life.

I came across this verse today:
                                           "Rest in the Lord, and wait for Him patiently." Psalm 37:7.

 I need to lean more than how to just rest, but to rest in the Lord. If I do that, my busy life will be maintainable. God is there to give us comfort and rest on a daily basis. And as for me, I need to learn just to let Him.

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