Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Sweater-H&M/Shirt-H&M/Skirt-Forever 21/Tights-HUE/Shoes-Blowfish

 This morning it was 35 degrees outside. 35!? That's like snow temperature,right? And if you look at my tightly clenched fists in some of my pictures, you can tell that I planned poorly in the outfit department for the weather. My husband kept saying "Kelsey, stop making fists!" as he took my pictures. I couldn't help it. Sorry, hubby. With all the years I spent acting, you'd think I could easily act as if I was nice and warm.
  I did wear black tights with my open toed shoes as an attempt to counteract the cold, but it sure didn't help much in keeping my toes warm. Speaking of black tights, I'm trying to find out what brand makes the most opaque and affordable pair. So far my favorite ones are made by HUE, as well as the ones from Target. Any of you gals have a brand that you swear by? If so, please share. Inquiring minds want to know :).
Happy November, everyone! Oh, and Happy Wednesday! 


  1. you look adorable in that little get up. I wish I was there in the cold weather enjoying a nice big cup of coffee with you! Hope I can see you soon.

  2. i double up on the HUE ones from nordstrom rack (which at 5.95 for the ultimate opaque color)- becky bones jones taught me that two pairs are better than one, and make ur legs look smokin!!! <3 betty

  3. @Melina

    That Becky Bones, she's a smart one!


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