Thursday, October 27, 2011

Crafting love.

There is something about this time of the year that makes my desire to make things go crazy. And the past few weeks I have been busting out crocheted items left and right. Blankets, hats, headbands, etc. I've been spending time on Pinterest (no surprise there),  and I actually found a few crafts that are beauty related. I'm pretty much in love. Pinterest is seriously the best source of craft ideas for the craft obsessed, like myself. 

Crafts + Beauty = Perfection.

Here are the ones I really am wanting to make:

A magnetic makeup board. Such a perfect idea for storing the makeup you use daily.
                                                        Source: None via Kelsey on Pinterest

                         An old spice rack turned nail polish holder! Genius!

                                                            Source: None via Kelsey on Pinterest

Magnetic strip turned bobby pin holder. I about died when I saw this. I am a bit of a bobby pin hoarder, and I lose them in about five minutes after getting them. This would also be awesome to have at my salon. 
                                                               Source: via Kelsey on Pinterest

Aren't those projects neat? If any of you guys decide to try one out, take a picture and let me know! I'm curious to see how others would make these!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

P.S. Hello to my new followers, glad you are a part of my little blog now. Thanks for the support :).


  1. Just found your blog and I'm so glad I did. Can't wait to keep reading.

  2. love the nail polish rack idea!
    following feom punk.pumpkin.peanut! xo

  3. Lovely blog.

  4. Makeup holder is a great idea! <3 your blog



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