Friday, November 4, 2011

Lately vol.2

 1. Last Sunday our church put on a huge worship night, and about 70 people were baptized. It was absolutely awesome.
 2. I traveled to Leavenworth, WA to do my client's hair for her wedding. Isn't her dress beautiful? She was the prettiest bride I've ever seen.
 3. I've rediscovered my love for these black wedges. They are so fun to wear, and they make me feel like a giant.
 4. My niece, Cali, turned one today. She's the sweetest little girl who's little smile melts my heart.
 5. Kale is my new obsession. I had no idea how many vitamins it has in it, and I am determined to make it a regular part of my diet.
 6. Tea with hot and sour soup. Yum!
 7. I saw this little lady while in Leavenworth. If you guys didn't already know, I LOVE Ariel.
 8. The hubby and I were the only ones on the monorail on Halloween. I guess everyone else had more interesting plans than just going to the movies?
 9. We always feel pretty sly after successfully sneaking candy into a theater.
 10. Stripes and plaid. I'm currently having a love affair with the combo.
11. Hair things. Lots and lots of hair things. It's amazing how many things you need to do hair for a wedding!

I've realized that the reason I love doing these picture posts, is because it really reminds me of how awesome my life truly is. Even if my week is long as crazy, I am thankful for it. 
God is good. 
So how has your week been? I'd love to know :).
Happy Friday!

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  1. Fun to "see" what your week has been like. The photo with Cali is adorable.


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