Friday, November 25, 2011


Happy day after Thanksgiving!
Here are a few pictures from yesterday, and a few things that I am thankful for.

1. My niece (Annie) wouldn't take a serious picture, so this will do :).
2.My brother-in-law and I love to take cheesy pictures. It's an art, really.
3. Little Miss Cali is the cutest baby around. 
4. Insanely delicious food.
5.  Hey there, cute husband!

I'm thankful for the following:
-My husband, who is always so patient with me and loves me unconditionally.
-My relationship with Jesus. His love is the only love worth living for.
- My job. I love getting to make people look beautiful all day long!
- My husband's family.
-My own family.
-My awesome brothers and sister. 
-My health.
-Friends. They always make life hilarious.

Honorable mentions:
 -Clothes. (That's on everyone's list, right?)
-Christmas trees
-Vampire Diaries (Obsessed)
-Red hair
-Breakfast at Tiffany's
-Christmas music. ALL. DAY. LONG.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast. Remember, calories don't count on Thanksgiving, or when you eat leftovers :).

Happy Friday!

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