Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh happy day.

Dress-Thrifted/Sweater-H&M/Shoes-Urban Outfitters

Today was one of those unexpected good days. I'm a big fan of lists, so I made one to explain why it was so awesome.
1. I decided to get dressed up on my day off.  Who doesn't like feeling dressed up?
2. A barista gave me a discount on my coffee because he liked my hair. Note to self: bright hair has its perks.
4. I cut one of my best friend's hair. I hadn't seen him for awhile, and enjoyed catching up with him.
5. I bought a new lipstick. I may be the only one who considers that an important event in their life.
6. I played my guitar for an hour or so, and am finally getting the hang of it. Thank you, husband, for your guitar teaching skills. I'm almost a master.
7. I was reminded of God's provision, and how He is always there when I am weary.

Aren't good days wonderful? I hope you had a great one as well, and that tomorrow is even better!


  1. Ohhhh, I just love your list...and your red hair.

  2. Um yes, adorable!
    Stop making me miss my red hair.
    Your list of happy things is so great!

  3. cute dress!!



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