Saturday, July 30, 2011

She's on fire.

Dress-Forever 21 Sweater-? Shoes- Urban Outfitters
This dress is one of my favorites at the moment. It's really easy to wear, and I love the combo of orange + blue. I wore it in a previous outfit post here, if you missed it. My hairdo has also become a favorite of mine recently. It's called the "I like to pretend like my hair is long" do. I don't think I'm fooling anyone, but I love it none the less. It's a great change from having it down and in my face all the time. 

Taking pictures today was a bit awkward. (hence the slightly awkward face I make in all the pics)
This man, let's call him Dave, decided to come hangout in the alley where we were shooting. He decided to relieve himself in front of us, and then proceeded to let me know that I look like I am "on fire." 
I was a bit tempted to say "Yes, Dave. Yes I am." Don't worry, I saved myself the embarrassment and just giggled a bit. 

I hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday. I'm off to go eat some Vietnamese food with the hubs. Goodnight <3



  1. well hello there adorable! HAHA omg favorite outfit photo story ever. partially disturbing. this is SUCH a cute dress, and my sister has those shoes in black! :)


  2. This dress is so pretty and I love the colour combination! Gorgeous!


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