Friday, May 6, 2011

Getting Healthy: Week 1.

The hubby and I have successfully completed our first week on our new diet. It's technically day 9, but that's because I'm late on making this post! So far, I'm down 6 pounds, and Ian is down 7! I was not expecting to lose that much, but boy does it feel good. It makes me want to do that cheesy flex-you-arm-muscles-and-kiss
-them move. OK, I may have done that move in the recent past to show off my hot bod to Ian...

I've become much more comfortable in the kitchen as of late. Dieting has forced me to learn to cook a variety of things: turkey burgers, chicken, steamed vegetables, etc. To those of you who cook regularly, those things probably sound extremely basic. But I seriously don't cook. I'd rather pay to eat food that a professional has prepared for me than spend time in the kitchen. So for me, steaming a vegetable is a BIG deal.  I may not be enjoying cooking too much, but it definitely has become less intimidating! One of my favorite things I've learned to make are chicken lettuce wraps. They are so tasty, and really simple.  I should post the recipe in the near future, once I've mastered it.

Everything so far is going well, despite the constant temptation of baked goods such as bread. I will resist! Although I have been allowing myself small amounts of dark chocolate to cater to my intense sweet tooth.

Here is us, looking healthier by the minute!

xoxoKelsey (and Ian, of course!)


  1. Mmmmmm! I LOVE oriental chicken lettuce wraps. Good for you getting to know your way around the kitchen! Have you had any mishaps? (I love cooking and I STILL burn things once in a while) ;)

  2. I made my first batch of turkey burgers a bit on the black side...and they were insanely dry. Also filled my tiny apartment with smoke. Haha. Cooking is intense!


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