Thursday, May 19, 2011

To Do List.

     I love lists. Packing lists, to do lists, shopping lists, etc. There is something so fulfilling about crossing a nice line through something you have accomplished. Lists help me actually get things done, as I have a horrible time remembering things off the top of my head. Especially those small things you need to do that are not life-altering, but that need to be done either way. I'm jealous of Ian sometimes. He can pack a bag for a week in about 3  minutes, and it takes me well over an hour. I write out exactly what I need, and then pack accordingly. At least I never forget anything, right? My suitcases usually weigh more than I do when I am done.

      Lately I've realized lists can be somewhat of a downfall for me. I have this guilt problem when it comes to allowing myself to relax. I constantly feel like I need to be doing something, and have a hard time letting myself just enjoy life. When I have a day off of work and have no definite plans, I bust out my marker and scratch paper and start my list. I have the hardest time just going with the flow of day, seeing whatever it may bring.

     I'm slowly learning how important it is to have a day to relax. To sit in your comfy clothes all day, and watch your favorite movie. Or to visit your favorite coffee shop and read a book. Too often I measure my self worth with how much I accomplish in a day. I need daily reminders that my self worth comes from my Creator, and nowhere else. Sure, lists are helpful, but I use them as an excuse to not relax and enjoy life. I'll always be a list maker, but I need to start making less of them when they are unnecessary.

 I should start a recovery club. List makers anonymous, anyone?



  1. i do the same thing and I feel like a loser when i dont complete each item!

  2. Me too! Almost like the entire rest of the list doesn't matter because of that one item. So sad.

  3. I make packing lists for traveling too! I had one saved on my computer that I could print out whenever I went somewhere. But, my computer crashed and I no longer have my list. I need to formulate a new one, for I will be traveling here in a few months! :) Rachael (who else?) ;)


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