Monday, May 9, 2011

Curly curls.

Hooray! Another blog series. This means I have two ongoing series, my other one you can check out here.
 I have a crazy obsession with beauty products. Seriously, my poor husband has maybe six inches of room in the bathroom for his things. I figured blogging about beauty products gives me a bit of a justification for having
so many, right? So every Monday, I am going to talk about things I love. I'm hoping that maybe you'll find something that you try and will love as well!

First up.....

Deva Curl's "No-Poo"shampoo and "One Condition" conditioner.

I've wanted to try this brand for quite sometime. Having curly hair myself, I'm always on the hunt for the best products to tame my hair. DevaCurl's products are sulfate and paraben free, which to me is a big deal. Sulfate is absolutely horrible for your hair and will dry it out like crazy. And we all know how bad parabens are.

No-Poo- This is the first shampoo I've ever used that does not lather whatsoever. Hence the cute name No-Po. I was really worried that it wouldn't leave my hair with that nice clean feeling after using it. This stuff is actually amazing. It has a nice cooling minty feeling on your scalp, and almost feels like you are washing your hair with a conditioner. It gets rid of build up and oil really well, but doesn't strip it. It's made for color and chemically treated hair, and will keep color from fading.The moisture aspect to this product is wonderful, especially because moisture is key for a lot of curly haired folks, as it keeps frizz and poofy hair at bay.

One Condition- This conditioner smells amazing. It has a bit of a lemon grass scent to it, and makes your hair SO soft. It is nice and thick, and gets rid of all tangles and snarls. I usually have to add a leave-in when using a lot of other conditioners, but not with this. Like the shampoo, it protects against color fading, and will help smooth chemically damaged hair.

Overall, these are amazing products. I've been using them for about three weeks, and feel like I haven't had any bad hair days. Which are usually the days that I wash my hair. I love finding products that are not full of chemicals that actually work. I'm a big fan of this brand so far! If any of you have wavy/curly hair that is color treated, try this stuff out!! Here's the link to their website. 

Here's to shiny, healthy, crazy curls.

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