Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What a day.

This is how my past two days have gone down: (see pictures above for reference)
   Arrive at salon.
     Fuel up with caffeine.
     Mix color.
     Cut hair. 
         Go home late.     
     Repeat to self, "I love my job" ten times to try and remain sane.

That pretty much sums it up. It's funny to how the things I love most in my life, can sometimes be the things that wear me out the most. But I am blessed and am extremely thankful even for the crazy days that never seem to end. A crazy day is better than no day at all, right? 
OK, I'd  better go, my brain is feeling a bit fried!

But it's never too fried to remember to add in a small little outfit post, courtesy of my iphone. 

Hope your past few days were filled with fun and craziness, just like mine.


P.s. How amazing are these wedges from Anthropologie??? I'm trying to make up excuses for why I desperately need them...


  1. Um I love your dress tunic thing lol and those wedges are magical

  2. Thanks! It actually used to be a dress, but I accidentally shrunk it! Haha.


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