Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Computer meltdowns and Macarons.

Hip hip hooray!
 I am finally able to blog again. My computer decided to be really rude, and stop working on me. It literally won't let me do a thing. It's already missing two of its buttons, and now this? We are no longer on speaking terms.

 Ian let me keep his computer for the day, so I can catch up on blogging and everything else computer related. Thank goodness too, I was started to feel detached to the world.

I spent a good five hours baking in an attempt to making the absolute perfect Macaron. My recent goal in life is to become an amazing baker. Or at least a kind of decent one, ha ha. So I wanted to try something a little bit different. OK, why did no one tell me how insanely difficult is is to make these little sugary treats!? If you've never had a macaron before, you need to head to your nearest french bakery and try one. They come in a million flavors, and are filled with buttercream, jam, ganache, and all sorts of fillings.  Naturally, the French have created and mastered the macaron. These treats have only four ingredients in them. And of course, I thought four ingredients would make this an easy afternoon. 
 As you can tell from the craziness of my kitchen, they were pretty intense. Macarons require a very delicate handling of your meringue (egg whites and confectioner's sugar). My arm felt as if it was going to fall off after all the egg beating I did.  I think I made about 4 batches or so, and finally think I have the hang of it. I filled mine with a simple vanilla buttercream frosting, and a chocolate frosting as well!
This is the batch that came out almost perfectly, despite my inability to make them all the same size!
And this is a failed batch, which I some how overcooked and undercooked all at the same time!
They are the prettiest little pastry. Not to mention they taste amazing!! If any of you are interested in a recipe, I can post the one I used. And for my gluten free friends, they are made with almond flour!

                            Here's to slowly but surely mastering the art of baking!

I'm hoping that I am able to get back to regular blog posts soon, my computer is being looked at and hopefully will soon be in perfect shape again!


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  1. Kelsey, this is awesome. I have no patience for delicate pastry, but you did an amazing job! :)


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