Monday, March 7, 2011

Current favorites.

Today I decided that I really wanted to write a post about some of my favorite things that I am enjoying at the moment. They are not in any specific category, just random things I like.

                                                          Amazon Kindle
The first favorite is my Kindle! I got one for my birthday, and I completely attached to it. I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical about getting one at first. I was afraid it would replace my love for real books.  I don't think that it will ever replace the feel of a real book, but I've grown to love it. I love having a library of books with me at anytime.

                                                      Water for Elephants

Speaking of reading, I absolutely adored this book. It is an amazing piece of fiction about a young man that joins a circus train in the 1930's. It has gotten a lot of mixed reviews, but it deserves all the talk it has received about it. I for one would never expect myself to be interested in a book about a Circus, but I was totally invested in it! I love books that weave in historical events, such as the prohibition of alcohol, and the Great Depression. You should check it out if you love to read fiction! P.S. The movie comes out next month, so get reading soon!

                                                          The Civil Wars
I am obsessed with The Civil Wars debut album. It's entitled "Barton Hollow," and is amazing. It's all I've been listening to lately. Every single song on the album is good, which is saying a lot since most albums have a few throw away songs. Check them out!

Those are a few of my favorite things right now. I hope to do more posts in the future with the same idea.


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