Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Random Thoughts

Today's random thoughts:

- I leave for New York City in 3 1/2 weeks. I am super excited to go back to one of my favorite places in the whole world! I will be there for seven days, four of which will be spent taking a class with Bumble and Bumble. Basically I'll be learning how to teach other hairstylists. I'll admit, I'm a little nervous.

-Mewithoutyou is my all time favorite band. They finally have a new album coming out next month, hooray! Here's the single from it. Listen to it. Love it.


-I now feel completely justified in my coffee addiction. Thank you, pinterest!

                                                    Source: happytoserveyou.com.au via Kelsey on Pinterest

- Speaking of coffee, I finally reached the gold level at Starbucks. This basically just means I get a fancy gold card to use when I buy my coffee. Totally worth it. Some may see this as a small event in their lives, but I see it as a huge achievement. I maybe even cheered when it happened. Maybe.

- I am so excited for the summer. I am predicting that it will be the busiest summer I've had in awhile. But it will be a blast! We're moving (not too far away), one of my brother's graduates highschool, the other brother gets married, and then both brothers (and new sister-in-law) move to Washington. Yeah, I'm thinking the title "Busiest summer of all time" fits nicely. 

-This morning while I was walking to my car, a homeless man informed me that he called a cab for me. Then he told me he liked me earrings, which have anchors on them, and then shouted "Ahoy, matey!"  Sometimes living in the city is extremely entertaining. 

-I consider myself a pretty tidy person. But for some reason I can never keep my closet looking neat. Bathroom? Usually clean. Kitchen? Spotless. Closet? Total disaster at all times. And right now it looks like a tornado has gone through it. Twice. 

I know this post was completely pointless. Sometimes those are the best ones, right? 
I promise my next one will be much more cohesive. :)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Jealous of your trip to New York! Ive always wanted to visit there and have never been able to. I also have a coffee addiction and that print makes me feel better too :)

  2. Also gonna follow you On pinterest, kind of a pinterest addict also ;)


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