Thursday, April 19, 2012

Outfit repeater.

Dress-Forever 21/Sweater-H&M/Flats-Target

I have this weird thing about wearing the same outfit too many times. I tend to always try and mix it up with accessories and shoes to try and make an outfit feel new each time I wear it. Of course when I do repeat an outfit, I use the "it doesn't count if you aren't seeing the same people" excuse every now and then. Well this past week I've been kind of obsessed with this little dress/shoe/sweater combo. I picked up this dress at Forever 21 last week, and am guilty of wearing it multiple times already. It's incredibly comfortable, and is perfect for the nice spring days we've been having! I love how easy cotton dresses are to just throw on without much effort or thought being put into it. I wish it came in ten different colors, because I'd probably make it my spring/summer uniform! 

What have you been loving to wear lately?

Happy Thursday!


  1. such a cute dress!! xoxo linds of

  2. Wow, so cute! I love your style! Your hair and your nose ring as well!-Jessica


  3. Such a cute dress. It's so fun to wear the same outfit but with different accessories!


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