Saturday, September 3, 2011

7th grade.

 Pants-H&M/Tank-Love On A Hanger/Shoes-Franco Sarto

These pictures were supposed to be posted last night, but they somehow disappeared. But when I turned on my computer today, they magically showed up. All those tears last night were for nothing. (Kidding.)
  I have not owned a pair of colored pants since I was in middle school. So at first I was a bit worried of looking like my 7th grade self while wearing these. I actually like them a lot more than I was expecting to. I think they're a nice change of pace from the usual blue jeans. These pink beauties seem to have a lot of potential. Bright pants are a big trend for Fall, so I may need to get myself another pair.

I hope you all have an awesome Labor Day weekend, Happy Saturday!

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