Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lip love.

Hello, friends!
So today I decided to share a video that is all about one of my favorite things:
I'm a huge lipstick fan, and I decided to share my little obsession with you guys. You know, just in case there are other lipstick obsessed ladies out there.

I apologize for the lighting, I know it's hard to see the colors. But hey, I'm still learning how to do this whole video deal. So please bear with me until I work out the kinks :).

Anyways, hope you enjoy! If you have any favorite lipsticks that you think I'd like, then please don't hesitate to share! Because yes, I do need to add more lipstick to my already obscene amount. It's a sick addiction. 


Happy Tuesday!

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  1. love it! lipsticks do take up less room than shoes! good point!


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