Monday, February 6, 2012

Shadow Proves the Sunshine

V-neck-Urban Outfitters/Shoes-Target/Headband-Forever 21

     I know this a pretty casual and unexciting outfit, but I got ready pretty quickly this morning. Plus I was more worried about getting outside in the sun than in what I was wearing. Yes, you heard me right, SUN! I rushed out this morning to go on a lovely walk with a friend around Green Lake, and then drank coffee and read outside for awhile. Let's just say it was an amazing way to spend my day off.

As much as I miss living somewhere with more frequent sunny days, there is nothing better than the first few days of warm sun after months of clouds. Every time we get a sunny day around here, I can't help but start singing this song by Switchfoot. It's always been one of my favorites! You should listen to it and enjoy it as well.

I hope you guys were lucky to have a sunny day, too!
Happy Monday!

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