Sunday, February 12, 2012

Disney love.

Cardigan-H&M/Tank-Urban Outfitters/Skirt-Target/Boots-Steve Madden

Hello, lovelies! 
This past week was a great one. I'd say it was a mixture of sunshine, busy work days, lots of laughter, and fun. I've been extra happy this week because I leave for California on Wednesday night!  I'll make sure to blog about my trip, but know that Disneyland, a Calamity Jane themed birthday party, and lots of pictures of princesses will be included. (No worries, the Calamity Jane theme will be explained later.) The trip itself is for my upcoming birthday, and yes, I am going to Disneyland for my 24th birthday. I don't care how old I am, I'll always have a thing for Disney princesses and splash mountain.

Anyways, the weather here is finally warming up. It's much more pleasant to take outfit pictures when it's not like 35 degrees outside. I'm crossing my fingers that the warmer weather sticks around for awhile. Or forever. I'd be fine with that, too :).

Happy Sunday!


  1. such a cute outfit! and your hair is looking amazing, of course.
    you should definitely do the link up this week :)

  2. If you wanna rock out to Disney on your birthday, by golly, do it! Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. (: Also, I'm in love with your lacey skirt.


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